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    Telecom Operator Solutions

    YSTen, as a technology company dedicated to OTT TV business, provides telecom operators with end-to-end integrated solutions...

  • 02

    Industrial Solutions

    YSTen provides industrial users, according to their features, with integrated, systematic and complete solutions with leading OTT TV platform technology...

  • 03

    Radio & TV Operator Solutions

    YSTen, relying on its OTT TV platform technologies, provides services to radio & TV operator in combination of their features and actual situations.

  • 04

    Platform Solutions

    YSTen’s platform products cover the whole ecological chain of OTT TV, including content convergence platforms, content broadcast control platforms, business operation and management platforms,

  • 05

    New TV Service Solutions

    Meeting the demands for various occasions “YSTen Next-generation TV” products can meet all demands of the users, from the the strong positive demand to know ...

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